ELEVATED Student Relations Committee

ELEVATED is a student relations committee made up of diverse students from all ages, ethnicities, and cultures. ELEVATED has a new mission statement this year adopted from Gandhi, "You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
At the start of every school year, the committee identifies issues they are concerned about and choose one to focus on in an effort to bring awareness to their student body. This year, members chose to focus on cultural diversity, drug & alcohol abuse, and school connectedness. ELEVATED's goal is to create a school where everyone feels welcome and safe.

By participating in ELEVATED, students are able to take advantage of leadership opportunities, public speaking trainings, camp retreats and much more! Along with becoming active members in their community, students develop friendships with students from high schools across San Diego County by attending monthly Friday Night Live meetings. In addition, members have the opportunity to earn community service hours, gift certificates and letters of recommendation.

This club has given students the opportunity to build upon their leadership abilities, strengthen as individuals and as a team, as well as give an opportunity for all students (bussed in, military, and/or living in this school's community), to have an extra-curricular activity to look forward to!

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