Academic Letter

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The Canyon Hills High School
Academic Letter

At Canyon Hills High School, it is important that students are recognized in a variety of ways. Some recognition may include performance in athletics, participation in clubs or groups, and/or special honors/awards. One of the ways we recognize academic performance at CHHS is with an Academic Letter.

Students can qualify for an academic letter in the following ways. 

  • Have at least a 3.5 (weighted or un-weighted) GPA for two consecutive semesters or four cumulative semesters.
  • Be a full time Canyon Hills student during the qualifying semesters.
  • Not have an “unverified absence” or “truancy” in any of the qualifying semesters.

Qualifying students must get their academic status verified by their counselor.  They can do this by scheduling an appointment with their counselor.  The application can DOWNLOADED HERE or it can be printed out by your counselor during your appointment. 

If you are already in possession of a varsity letter, you will be provided with an "academic" insert for your letter, and a round CHHS Academics patch.  If you do not have a varsity letter, it will be provided to you by your counselor. 

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