Marks (Grading) Policy

MARKS (Grades)

Parents can check your student's progress anytime by logging into Parent Portal. If you have not activated your Parent Portal account, please make an appointment with Cruzanne Conrique.

Marking Periods

Progress reports will be issued at 6 weeks and 12 weeks after the start of each semester. Report cards will be issued at the end of each semester.

Marking Policy

Students receive a scholarship and a citizenship mark in each class. Scholarship grades are cumulative during the course of each semester. When absent from a class, students are responsible for making up missing assignments. Citizenship grades are assigned for each 6-week marking period.

Scholarship Marks

Scholarship Marks

A Superior

B Above Average C Satisfactory
D Below Average F Failure, credit not granted

Reporting "D" and "F" Grades

Teachers must make a written report to parents/guardians on students whose work is unsatisfactory (marginal or failing).

Citizenship Marks

Citizenship is a reflection of the general behavior, attitude, values, and habits of an individual student in the school community. They measure personal qualities, not academic performance, and therefore should not be equated with the academic scale.

E Excellent Is an outstanding citizen
G Good Is an above-average citizen
S Satisfactory Meets citizenship standards
N Needs to improve Needs help to meet citizenship standards.
U Unsatisfactory Fails to meet school citizenship requirements.

Change of Marks

A grade given by a teacher is final and cannot be changed by others unless it was given fraudulently, in bad faith, or because of clerical or mechanical mistake.

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